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I have come to realise that I live in a Jesus bubble and it is wonderful. This bubble is an amazing thing, and the even more amazing thing about it is this: it is available to everyone who is alive, who chooses to believe. Let me explain…

The Word always works because within itself it has the power to bring itself to pass. Therefore, keep the Word in your eyes and ears and it will come out of your mouth... it has too. We are what we eat and that applies to our spiritual beings also. Feed your spirit a diet of fear and unbelief and you will have fear and unbelief repeat itself on you like a bad case of indigestion or acid reflux. But feed on a diet of God's word and faith and it would be like you treated your spirit to a green smoothie every day. Your spirit will thank you for it and repay you with knowledge and strength to deal correctly and victoriously with any and every situation thrown at you.

The statement "Is there anything too hard for the Lord?" will rise up on the inside and you will come to a place of recognising, that "No, nothing is too hard for Him at all". Every day for Jesus is like a walk in the park... or better yet, the Garden of Eden.

God has made this life beautifully simple with this one word: TRUST.

Trust: that one syllable, none complicated word holds so much power. He has given us His Word and simply stands back and says these words; "Will you trust me?"

Faith can be defined as trust; obedience comes from a place of trust, confidence is found in the very root of trust and love is made free when trust is sure.

Without trust relationships fail and crumble, without it we're left with the statement "what's the point?” Trust is the pinnacle that everything else is built on.

To trust God and His Word requires us to trust His nature, who He is and how He responds to us (1 John 1:5). Fear can never be a factor when considering God our Father (1 John 4:18) as that will skew our perception of Him and our expectation of receiving nothing but good (James 1:17). We have to see and witness how God throughout the ages responds to those He has claimed responsibility for.

The children of Israel miss behaved and completely stepped out of line at every given opportunity, yet God continued to set their paths straight and pursued after them with passion.

It reminds me of this film called 'Imitation of Life' where this mother (Annie) was in constant pursuit of her daughter (Sarah-Jane); who was doing everything in her strength to run away from the mother's love (and her true identity) but found herself in a deeper and darker mess.

That is us. Because we have failed in places to understand the real heart of God, we do our best to run in the opposite direction away from him. Not realising that outside of His protection we are surrounded by wolves (some wearing sheep's clothing and some just blatant wolves) with very sharp teeth waiting (patiently) to pounce and devour.

We think we know best but have no idea how to think, which leads us to the wrong conclusions and taking steps that are further from the Truth (who is Jesus).

The good news is this though, like the movie I mentioned earlier the mother was always right behind the daughter, so even when the daughter ran, when she turned there was ‘mumsie’... all up in her face and personal. At first this was a problem, but the daughter finally reached a place in her life where she understood the intensity of her mother’s love and it caused her heart to change drastically.

Unfortunately as Hollywood would have it this discovery came too late as her mum eventually ended up dying of a broken heart, but thanks be to Jesus our Father is eternal and going nowhere.

So turning to Him is always possible; providing you are still breathing...

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